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AWESOME!! I just wanted you to know that helping me with the ClearTrack custom forms has been a blessing. I am able to save myself a lot of time with them!! My boss is impressed.... always good for a new employee.

So thank you so much!!

Wendy Shaver
Secretary to the Director

Fort Plain Central School

Haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but really like the visual changes as well as the nuts and bolts changes that I've used so far.

You guys are great!

Renee Nostrand

Taconic Hills

THANK YOU for working on and implementing the enhancements we requested!            

We were so very impressed how our needs were met in the system. Our staff was thrilled to see the changes! It strongly compressed  their paperwork time, and they are truly grateful for it. It's a real pleasure for everyone to work on RTI!

In addition, we recently had an audit and they were mightily impressed how well the system works!

Your constant assistance is immensely appreciated!
All the best,

Sura Wertzberger

Kiryas Joel

Can I just tell ya that I love love love the new Cleartrack features this year.  The "missed session" capability AND a longer list of students (10) after clicking on "Work on Service Forms".  Makes it so much easier and quicker.

Gail D. McGee M.S., Ed, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Diven Elementary School 

Have I told you lately how much I LOOOOOVE the new data transfer feature?  


Kelley Kane

Special Services

Binghamton School District


"I think clear track has been implemented relatively smoothly!! I actually like it SO much better than our previous system. I love the report section and being able to break down by clinician, etc....”

Tioga County - Meghan McNally OTD, OTR/L

"The RTI Edge program has been used by WA Olmsted Elementary school in the Harpursville School District for the last 5 years. We have slowly added pieces to the program, such as the tracking of ELA and Math and, just this year, Behavior. All of our Elementary classroom and AIS teachers are using the program, but it is only within the current school year that we are really seeing the instructional impacts to using RTI Edge, especially being able to follow student achievement over the course of a single year as well as a progression of years! Our teachers are using and referring to the Universal Screening data and Contact Log information when meeting with parents, grade level teams, and departments. In addition, our RTI Team is utilizing the data to inform decisions about referred students’ academics as well as behaviors. The RTI Team is also utilizing the student referral form provided on the system and manages meetings using the meetings section of the system.

Recent upgrades to the system have made it much more user-friendly. This has made it easier for teachers who are not comfortable with computers. We like that the Developers of RTI Edge are so willing to listen and make changes to the program based on our needs as a district. Taking our suggestions has really helped foster a sense of ownership.

Best of all, the teachers have begun to make decisions about how to change the Universal Screening ranges to best show what they teach and how students are really doing in their programs. The teachers and administrators of the Harpursville School District are utilizing the reports available in RTI Edge to help procure and maintain records for grants, write proposals for the addition of professional teaching staff, and facilitate data meetings. We have even had requests from our Junior/Senior High School for records from past students! In the coming year, we will begin tracking Speech, OT, and PT Improvement as new interventions.

We are pleased with the information, organization, and flexibility that the RTI Edge system provides. I would recommend this program to anyone! Thank you for making a well-rounded program!"

Debra Parker, AIS Teacher and RTI Edge Coordinator

WA Olmsted Elementary School - Harpursville, NY

"I have had several veteran therapists say they love being able to use it right out in the field and getting their notes done. The program gives us a much needed form of tracking all the Medicaid requirements and aides us in knowing what we lack.”

Cattaraugus County

"ClearTrack is extremely user friendly even for the 'technology challenged'. Format is easy to read, enter data, and navigate."

Mary Steenberg - Former IEP Direct user

Lake Shore Central School

"I love ClearTrack, Training, and Support. User-friendly!"

Tamara Thorpe-Odom -Former IEP Direct user

New Lebannon Central School

"We are currently piloting the RtI module software for students in kindergarten and first grade, with a focus on early literacy. So far, teacher response has been very positive. The module is user friendly with powerful tools for creating data overviews.

We found that we were rich with early literacy data, but needed a tool that allowed us to collaboratively analyze the information. The RtI module allows us to do that. Data teams are using the module to analyze classroom data in kindergarten and first grade and quickly identify students who are struggling to attain early literacy benchmarks. The module also allows us to track Tier I, II and III interventions, and measure and graph student progress as they respond to research based interventions. The progress monitoring graphs are dynamic tools for CSE meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and RtI team meetings. When you have everyone looking at the data in a easy to view format the ideas start flowing".

Vestal Central School District

'Our users find ClearTrack 200 much more intuitive and user-friendly'

School at Northeast Parent & Child Society

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